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Dubai Police Warns Dubai Residents Of Foggy Conditions

December 12, 2016
  • Bad news for Dubai residents, the foggy conditions that started earlier today are to continue throughout this week. The heavy fog continues as the police raises alarm to avoid any disruption on the streets of Dubai. The police tweeted: “Dear drivers, Be careful and cautious when driving in conditions.”

    The police also advised drivers to “leave enough distance between vehicles ahead and to use low beam lights and indicators when changing lanes.”

    Whereas Dubai Airports witnessed delays to arriving and departing flights due to heavy fog; four cancelled and nine delayed arrivals between 3 am and 11:15 am. On its website, the airport said: “Heavy fog is disrupting operations this morning at Dubai International resulting in delays of up to an hour on arriving and departing flights.


    WE SAID THIS: Hopefully, fog and mist won’t continue for more than a few days, as the NCMS weather center predicted.


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